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Opportunity Management

Enables you to prioritize leads so you can focus on customers with the highest potential to close a deal.

Deskera CRM - Opportunity Management - Comprehensive Opportunity Details

Comprehensive Opportunity Details

Efficiently record and track complete opportunity details such as opportunity name, source, region, and referrer, including related account name, stage, closing probability, and more.

Deskera CRM - Opportunity Management - Spreadsheet functionality

Spreadsheet Functionality

Adding, updating and navigating through the sheet is as easy as using a spreadsheet. It ensures that all your tasks get completed in three clicks or less.

Deskera CRM - Opportunity Management - Add an Activity

Add an Activity

You can define an activity or a contact related to an opportunity. You can also keep track of phone calls and emails and keep a record of ongoing discussions with the contact person’s details.

Deskera CRM - Opportunity Management - Add Documents

Add Documents

Add documents for each opportunity and maintain a central repository of documents for all your opportunities to help you organize and gyrate your sales force.

Deskera CRM - Opportunity Management - Export Opportunities

Export Opportunities

Export your opportunity list in multiple file formats like .pdf, .csv, and more to help you follow up on information required for leads while they are hot.

CRM Opportunity Management

Deskera CRM Opportunity Management enables you to monitor the movement of opportunities through the sales cycle and easily identify stalled and neglected opportunities. With Opportunity Management, you can proactively monitor the volume and quality of sales opportunities, which results in better conversion rates. Opportunity Management also provides you with regular notifications on sales opportunities in real time.

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