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Product Management

Processes and technologies focused on centrally managing information about products and everything related to each product.

Deskera CRM - Product Management - Comprehensive Product Details

Comprehensive Product Details

Efficiently record and track complete details, including related vendor details and product categories. You can view and modify details such as product name, unit price, and description.

Deskera CRM - Product Management - Spreadsheet Functionality

Spreadsheet Functionality

With the familiar look of a spreadsheet, adding, updating and navigating information is easy. It ensures that all your tasks get completed in three clicks or less.

Deskera CRM - Product Management - Add Documents

Add Documents

Add/update documents for each product and maintain a central repository of documents for all your products. This will help you to keep records of product images, specification details, etc.

Deskera CRM - Product Management - Export Products

Export Products

Export your product list in multiple file formats like .pdf, .csv and more, for every product that exists in the system in one convenient spreadsheet.

CRM Product Management

With Deskera’s Product Management, you can easily manage information about vendors for each product. Product Management promotes integration and data exchange among all business users who interact with products, including project managers, engineers, sales people, buyers, and quality assurance teams. Deskera’s Product Management ensures your product offerings are recorded in the CRM system.

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