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Deskera PPM FAQs

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What does Deskera Project Management offer?

Deskera Project Management offers powerful Project Planning, Collaboration and Resource Management functionalities for enterprise and team level project management. Project Management suite includes a host of Web 2.0 office and project management applications for effective project planning and monitoring, project tracking and efficient resource utilization.

From setup to closure, you have access to powerful tools to view the health of your projects, gather information quickly, create your work plan and collaborate with team members.

How do I access Deskera Project Management?

To access Deskera Project Management system, all you need to do is login with your username and password provided by your Administrator using a web-browser. You do not need to download, install or even setup the application.

Can anyone else access my personal information?

Your personal information is completely secure within Deskera Project Management. Role-based access ensures that a user can only access information as per the assigned permission levels on the basis of his/her role and work function.

Project Administration

How do I create a new project in Deskera Project Management?

Adding a new project to the existing library of projects in Deskera PM is quite an easy task. Simply click ‘Project Administration’ on the Dashboard and create a new project from ‘Project Management’ tab at the bottom of the page. Enter a specific name to your project, a brief description, upload a project image in the window that appears and a new project is created instantly.

You can also import your existing projects in Deskera PM from other online project management software, like Basecamp and start working on them with Deskera instantly.

How can I archive a project?

An archived project is one which is no longer active but could be required at a future point of time. So, it is preserved in the archived projects in which the data related to the project is kept intact and you cannot carry out any changes in it until and unless it is un-archived.

To archive a project, go to ‘Project Administration’ on the Dashboard and select a project which you want to archive. Click on ‘Archive’ at the bottom of the page to archive the selected project.

How do I delete a project?

Only users with permission to ‘Manage Projects’ are allowed to delete projects. Just follow these simple steps and remove the project from your list of projects:

  1. Click on the Administration link in the top right corner.
  2. Select the Project Administration tab.
  3. Select the project you wish to delete and click on ‘Delete Project’ tab in ‘Project Management’ at the bottom of the page.

How do I use RSS feeds with Deskera PM?

RSS or “Really Simple Syndication” is a family of web feed formats used to publish frequently updated works in a standardized format. By using RSS feeds, the user can stay updated on the latest developments at Deskera PM with minimal effort.

To subscribe to RSS, simply click on the RSS feed subscription on the Dashboard and stay updated by receiving all the project updates.

Can I import projects in Deskera Project Management?

Yes, you can import all your project details from Basecamp, Microsoft Project or any other Project management software to get started with Deskera Project Management instantly. Learn more about Importing projects from Basecamp

Project Planning

How do I view the project plan for a particular project?

Project plan gives you a synopsis of all the tasks and activities taking place in your project. It acts as a road map for your project which lists down all the possible steps or actions which will be undertaken for the completion of the project. View what resources are allocated to the project, amount of time it will take to complete and also depict the processing of the project with the help of interactive and easy to understand Gantt Charts.

To view the project plan, select a project from the list of projects on the Dashboard. Select the ‘Project Plan’ tab from multiple tabs which appear for a particular project. On the left side, all the tasks in the project are listed under task grid and Gantt Charts corresponding to those tasks are displayed on the right.

What are Gantt Charts? How can I use them?

Gantt Charts provide a visual Project Work Breakdown Structure in an easy-to-navigate layout. It allows you to easily keep track of project schedules, view the task resources assigned with their unique color codes, and more. Deskera Gantt Charts are interactive and you drag and drop tasks and links easily and collaborate in real time. Learn more about Gantt Charts

How can I change task dates?

The simplest way to change task dates is by dragging and dropping the task panel in the Gantt chart. Tasks can also be moved manually by: • Changing a date from start date column of project task grid in the Project Plan. • Changing a date from ‘Start Date’ field in Task Information Link on the top panel of the project grid.

How can I change the task duration?

The simplest way to change the tasks duration is to stretch the task panels in the Gantt chart. Alternatively, you can also change the duration of tasks by following the steps given below:

  1. Click on ‘Project Plan’ within a project.
  2. Select a task from the task grid.
  3. Change a date from ‘End Date’ column of project task grid or change a date from ‘End Date’ field in ‘Task Information’ panel on the top bar of the project grid.
  4. You can change time in the ‘Duration’ column of project grid and also change time in the ‘Duration’ field of ‘Task Information’ panel on the top bar of the project grid. If you simply enter a number, duration will be set as ‘no of days’, whereas if you add a number followed by ‘h’, duration will be set as ‘no of hours’.

How can I view task progress and the overdue tasks?

The progress of the tasks in the project can be easily monitored with the help of ‘Task Progress’ and ‘Tasks Overdue’ from the toolbar under Project Planning. The steps listed below will guide you to view the task progress and overdue tasks:

  1. Click on ‘Administration’ on the top right corner.
  2. Click Project Administration and select a project you wish to work on.
  3. Click on the Project Plan.
  4. Click on Task Progress link to view progress of the tasks.
  5. Click on ‘Task (s) Overdue’ link to view the overdue tasks.

How can I create milestones?

You can simply click on the ‘Duration’ column of task in the task grid and change the duration to‘0’. You can also change the duration of tasks by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. Click on Project Plan within a project.
  2. Select a task from the task grid and click on ‘Task Information’ on the top panel of the task grid and change the ‘Duration’ field to ‘0’.

Can I embed project plan anywhere on the web?

Yes, Deskera allows you to easily embed your project plan anywhere on the web through the following steps:

  1. Get the embed code from the Export option in Deskera Project Plan.
  2. Paste it into your website, blog or any HTML editor.
  3. You can change the dimensions of the plan to suit the destination.

Can I import/export Project Plans in Deskera?

Yes, Deskera allows you to import/export project plans in CSV as well as MS Project compatible file format. You can access this functionality in Project Plan through Import/Export buttons.

What is a baseline in project plan? How can I make use of it for planning purposes

Baselines are a set of project tasks which have been idealized for their schedule. You can select and save a task as a baseline for making it a point of reference for other tasks/activities. You can use it for planning purposes by making a comprehensive comparison between the baselines and project tasks.

Discussion Forum

How do I initiate a discussion in the project?

Discuss the happenings in the project and receive updates from time to time. Initiating a discussion is as simple as sending an email. Select a project for which you want to initiate the discussion and then type your message from the ‘New Message’ button in ‘Discussion’ tab. A new thread appears where you can give a title and enter message details. Also, carry out the basic formatting of the message by ‘Rich-Text Formatting’ options from the toolbar and easily attach files to the message.

View the message(s) received in the ‘Discussion’ tab and reply to them by clicking on the ‘Reply’ button at the top.

Document Management

How much document storage space do I get when I sign up for Deskera Project Management?

The default document storage space in Deskera Project Management is 1GB per user. If you want additional storage space, all you need to do is pay a minimal fee of $10 per month for every additional 5GB of storage.

To-Do List

How do I add a To-Do?

Select a particular project and click ‘To-Do list’ to view all the To-Dos. Select ‘add To-Do’ and add a new To-Do by giving it a name and sending it to a To-Do group from the drop down.

Can I prioritize To-Dos?

The priorities of the To-Dos can be set as High, Normal or Low. Right click on the To-Do, select edit and change the priority level of the To-Do by selecting an option from the drop-down.

How do I notify the To-Dos to others in my project?

Select a To-Do which you want to notify and select whether you want to notify all or some selected project members. The To-Dos will be notified to all the project members or the few selected.

What is the benefit of subscribing the To-Dos through RSS?

One can stay updated on all the To-Dos added and can work on them effectively receiving time to time updates on the To-Dos.

How do I mark my To-Dos as complete?

On completion of the To-Dos, all you need to do is simply click on the tick icon on the left hand side of the To-Do. The tick will be converted to green and a strikethrough will pass through the to-do indicating the completion of the To-Do.

Do I have the option of importing my To-Dos?

Yes, you can import your existing to-dos from an external source into Deskera Project Management and add them to your list of project to-dos. All you need to do is click on ‘Import Outlook Task’ and import your to-dos from a CSV file format.

Can I add a task in the project plan from the list of To-Dos?

Yes, you can easily add tasks in your project plan directly from the to-dos. The “Add to Project Plan” helps you to move your to-dos from the to-do list into the task grid of project plan.

Project Calendar

How do I use the project calendar?

Team calendar is the most collaborative tool of Deskera. Every project has a dedicated calendar. Follow the simple steps listed below to start working on the team calendar:

  1. Go to Team Calendar within a project.
  2. Click on ‘New Calendar’ to create a new calendar.
  3. Select a calendar from the left navigation panel to change to display the events of the selected calendar.
  4. Use Settings in the calendar option link below the calendar in the left navigation panel to change the calendar details like color, calendar name, description, and time zone.
  5. Use the links week, workweek, and month links on the top panel of the calendar to change to the respective view.
  6. Calendar can be deleted using the ‘Delete’ tab on the top panel of the calendar or by using the ‘Calendar Option’ link below the calendar in the left navigation panel.

Can I import/export calendars in Deskera?

You can import all event details in Deskera Calendar in iCal format. You can also import standard calendars such as holidays which are inbuilt in Deskera Project Management. Similarly you can export Deskera Calendar in iCal format.

Resource Management

How do I add/drop resources from a project?

You can add new resource(s) or drop the existing resource(s) from a particular project by simply clicking on ‘Project Administration’ tab and then selecting ‘Manage members’ from ‘Project Management’ tab at the bottom of the page. View the list of available and allocated members and add or drop them from the project as and when required.

Why do resource conflicts arise and how do I resolve them?

The resource conflicts arise when more than a single resource is assigned to two or more tasks at a time. You can view the tasks having resource conflicts and get a snapshot of conflict details by clicking on a particular task.

The resource allocation conflict can be resolved by either assigning it to some other resource or by changing the start date of the task.

Project Reports

How can I generate reports?

Reports can be generated using the ‘Report’ link on the top panel of the task grid in ‘Project Plan’ tab.

  1. Click on Report link in the top panel of the task grid.
  2. Select the type of reports you wish to generate from the pop up window.

What are the reports available in Deskera Project Management?

Deskera Project Management allows you to access a wide range of in-built standard reports which can be classified in following major categories:

  • Project Overview Reports: Provides an instant overview of all the details such as resource cost, top level tasks, overdue tasks, milestones and more.
  • Project Activities Reports: Provides reports for all the activities in the project and track their status whether the task has been completed, is in progress, will start or end soon, or has not yet been started.
  • Project Workload Reports: Provides reports for resource usage on a timeline, task usage or the cost involved and also analyzes the resources for a particular date range.
  • Project Baseline Reports: Allows you to set benchmarks or baseline for quality and cost for every task of the project so that the project output is in accordance with the benchmarks set. Project performance can be compared with the baseline through a variety of reports.

Deskera Email

How do I set up my E-mail account?

You can set up your email account easily in Deskera. Just follow these steps to get started:

  • Enter Account Name: Enter a name for your e-mail account. This name is displayed in your Personal Email List. Use a unique name to distinguish it from other E-mail accounts such as ‘My Gmail Account’.
  • Enter From Name: Enter a name you wish to display as sender’s name in all your outgoing e-mails such as ‘John from DIA’.
  • Enter Username: Enter the Username you use to login your favorite e-mail account along with the domain name such as john.smith@gmail.com for your Gmail account.
  • Enter Password: Provide
  • the password you use to enter your e-mail account. Your personal settings are secure with Deskera.

  • Enter Mail Server Address: Provide the incoming mail server address such as imap.gmail.com for your Gmail account. If you are unsure about this information, please check your email server provider settings for configuring an email client. Here are links to some popular e-mail provider settings: Find Gmail Settings here, Find Yahoo Mail Settings here .
  • Enter Mail Server Protocol: Choose the protocol IMAP/POP3 provided by your e-mail service provider for setting up an e-mail client such as IMAP for setting up your Gmail account.
  • Map folders for your IMAP account: Click on Select to view the folders available in your IMAP account. Choose one of them to sync it with your Trash folder and Sent folder.
  • imap-account

  • Enter Mail Server Port: Provide incoming mail server port setting for all your incoming e-mails such as 993 for your Gmail account.


Is there any help available in Deskera Project Management?

Deskera Project Management offers complete assistance wherever you require through the following Help features:

  • Getting Started Tips: If you are new to Deskera, get a useful and quick tour of all major features through the Getting Started Tips. The tour will get you started with Deskera within minutes of logging in. Look out for the Getting-Started-Tipsicon on the top right corner of your screen for viewing these tips.
  • Contextual Help: Whenever you need any help regarding any link/button, Deskera provides you with a unique feature wherein you have to just hover your mouse pointer over the link/button and view its details.
  • quicklink-img

  • Browse through our “Frequently Asked Questions” to find immediate answers to most of your queries.
  • Contact support@deskera.com.We are happy to help.
  • Find useful tips and tricks on Deskera Blog.