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Performance Appraisal

Don’t miss out on any chance to motivate your people. Automate performance appraisals to align your workforce with organizational goals.

Deskera HRMS - Performance Appraisal - Configure Appraisal Cycle

Configure Appraisal Cycle

Deskera Performance Management enables you to configure multiple appraisal cycles of your organization, including the dates for submission of the appraisal forms.

Deskera HRMS - Performance Appraisal - Goal Management

Goal Management

Deskera Performance Management makes it simple and manageable to set employee goals by defining deliverables, weights, priority level, as well as deadlines for each goal.

Deskera HRMS - Performance Appraisal - Competency Management

Competency Management

Deskera Performance Management enables you to set competency requirements based on the job and business needs by simply adding required competencies and assigning corresponding weights.

Deskera HRMS - Performance Appraisal - Initiate Appraisal

Initiate Appraisal

Deskera Performance Management facilitates choosing the appraisal cycle and initiate the appraisal process for one or all employees with a single click.

Performance Apparisal Preview
Deskera HRMS - Performance Appraisal - Fill Appraisal Form

Fill Appraisal Form

Deskera Performance Management provides you an interface to evaluate employee performance by assigning ratings to reflect his/her actual performance in comparison to the required competencies and goals through an appraisal form.

Deskera HRMS - Performance Appraisal - Assign Performance Rating

Assign Performance Rating

With Deskera Performance Management, a manager can assign overall performance ratings and promotion recommendations for each employee based on the goal and competency evaluation.

Deskera HRMS - Performance Appraisal - Review Appraisals

Review Appraisals

Assign a reviewer for each employee to review corresponding appraisal reports containing employee ratings, as well as manager ratings, through Deskera Performance Management.

Deskera HRMS - Performance Appraisal - Appraisal Reports

Appraisal Reports

Deskera Performance Management gives a manager an intuitive interface to view past appraisal records of all his employees through comprehensive appraisal reports.

Deskera Performance Management excels in providing the most powerful tools to streamline, improve, and automate the complete performance management process, from establishing strategy-driven goals and competencies for an employee to assessing employee performance against these goals. It also provides continual feedback on the employee performance in order to administer employee appraisals and performance reviews through Deskera HRMS.

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